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~~IndigoMoon Aussies~~
The "Supernatural" Litter~ DOB:5/24/15 CALL (479) 757-9148
Shady x Gypsy. Updated 11/13/16
**Sold*** "Remy" (Tessa), BTF. Remy is a gorgeous, loving girl and we are so lucky to have such a
great home. She will be loved and spoiled rotten-just as she deserves! Pictured with owners Tim
and Jenna
Kira, (Ruby) always happy! Congrats to Chad,
Audrey, Cloe and baby Amelia.! Ruby is the perfect
addition to their family! Pictured below and on right.

Raven (Abby/Abaddon) -BTF  now lives just outside of Springfield Mo. With Mona and her
husband Jesse. Not only did she get a great and loving show home, we have made some friends.  
Watch for Raven after the holidays. Owner handled by Mona; we are excited to lend support and
cheer on these amazing "girls" as they learn together! Once again we could not be happier with
finding such an amazing home for this little beauty.
Congratulations to Storey, Clay  and her REAL
owner, son-Colton. We sure will miss this girl! Mary,
BMF flashy and very outgoing. New pictures below
and on left~ Colton has decided to keep the name
Mary as it just somehow seems to fit!
NOBODY does it like Mary!!!!!!!!!!!! Colton is interested
in conformation and we hope to assist and see
Colton and Mary in the Junior's ring next year, 2016.
To see YouTube video from 7/18 click HERE
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Here is "Callie May" (Hannah) with
her new family-
Bethany and John. We love y'all and
could not ask for a better home for
this beautiful girl! Pictures below
taken 12/15 of Callie and Cass. Cass
is owned and loved by Bethany's
father- Jim
See new video in Playland Park
taken on 8/8
11/2/15 NEWSFLASH~~~~~~~~~
Raven and Mona (owner) first time EVER in the ring does an outstanding job
taking Raven to BOB and a GROUP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled to be able to
attend and see this exciting win. Mona handled like a pro and we know both
have a bright future in the "ring"! Win picture below~
Running, Callie on left Cass on right. Picture
of the two sitting, Cass on left, Callie on right.
How gorgeous these 2 have grown to be!