Dob: 5/3/2007
Intact, black tri female.
19 1/2" tall
48 pounds
Red factored (Bb dna test)
Full dentition/scissors bite
Beyonce is a very feminine, very "elegant" bitch.
She has beautiful movement, and carries a full,
lush coat just like her sire. She has a calm, easy
personality, intelligent and a perfect lady in the
house, just like her mother Dixie. She is a lovely
bitch, very correct and she gets along great with
other dogs, male and female.
Beyonce is a full littermate to Fifty and Flossy

Ch Sonny X Dixie
AKC Ch Shoreland's Southern Exposure DNA-VP (Best in Show sire; "Sailer)
Kyroka's Song Of The South- Dixie- (Dixie's dam, Beyonce's granddam);
Rainyday's The Beat Goes On; "Tempo was  awarded top producing bitch for
2008) Congrats to our dear friend, Kim Waller, and Beth Rice owner and co-owner  
of Tempo (Beyonce's granddam) for this amazing achievement! Tempo is now a
AKC and ASCA Hall of Fame dam!
**Beyonce is now officially "retired" and was
spayed 9/14. She has been an incredible and vital part of our foundation and we
are so blessed to have her. Beyonce produced 3 incredible litters and has always
been the "queen" of the house and is enjoying her retirement. We know she will
always be the mama to any/all pups and is a joy to love**

Beyonce has a very "natural" temperament. She is
reserved with strangers initially, but warms up quickly
and lays on her side for a belly rub. She is very
protective of her "car", but has come to know and love
the pharmacy and bank where she always gets a
compliment and a doggy treat! Everyone that meets
her, fallis in love with her sweet face and graceful, soft
personality. She carries much of the true standard of
our breed, both in structure, pedigree and personality.
She truly is "Irreplaceable"~
Beyonce is my shadow. She is
always with me, by my side, no
matter where I am. She sleeps
in our bed, taking turns laying
next to my husband and I.
Beyonce politely crosses her
front legs when lounging, and
is every inch a "lady". She is
wonderful with puppies,
attentive and adoring, but very
vested in teaching "kids" the
house rules. She is our "Angel".
Certified AKC Pedigree
Beyonce's dam; Kyroka's Song Of The
South- "Dixie".  I owner handled Dixie
for all of her AKC points. We tried
everything, including handlers but Dixie
never had that love of the ring. Dixie
now resides with Tae and Noah- see
above~ Pictured with handler Kari Brown
~~~~IndigoMoon Aussies~~~~
IndigoMoon's Irreplaceable
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New photos of Beyonce were
taken on 6/18/12. She just
finished her heat cycle and she
just puffs up like a balloon and
actually looks pregnant! She is
NOT pregnant nor overweight
and we will post new, better  
pictures of her in the next
couple of weeks~
Beyonce's first litter, sired by AKC GCH Rico, The
Breaking Dawn" litter; click for updated pictures~
Beyonce's second litter, sired by AKC GCH Rico;
Avatar" litter, click for updated pictures~click
Beyonce's third and final litter, sired by AKC GCH Rico;
"The Something To Talk About litter", click for pictures
Photo on left in snow taken
on 2/2/14~