~IndigoMoon Aussies~
AKC GCH Rico x Beyonce
The "Avatar" litter dob: 11-11-11! All puppies are now settled in their new
homes and doing extremely well. We truly want to say thank you to all
the amazing people we have met, and the love, gratitude and devotion
shown to our "kids" by all of their new owners. We are so very thankful~
Updated 11/13/16
"Bailey" (abtm) (Thanator)  Spoiled and very loved!  
Bill and Michele report that while Bailey has stunning
conformation he is so agile, and quick. He can catch
a Frisbee on the "fly", can scale a 3' wall, and can
jump almost over their heads! He has a wonderful,
loving temperament, is great with kids and people
and is complimented by everyone he meets. Our
gratitude to his "parents" for seeing the true
potential in Bailey and allowing him the chance to
pursue his dreams. New pics coming soon~(pictured
Parker (alt btm) is now residing in
Ilinios with Julie, Bill and Ruby.
Ruby is his Aussie "aunt". What
an amazing story in how Parker
came to join their family! New
pictures! New picture in car at the
park taken in October, 2013. Also
pictured on left and above left.
These two have developed an
amazing bond and have enriched
the lives of their owners. We are
the ones that feel so fortunate!
"Dally" - 6/8/13~ NEW ASCA
Champion!  AKC Major Pointed!
ALWAYS owner handled. (intact btm)
Dally resides with his family;
mom-Kristen, dad- Heith, sister Macy
(doggy) and his new friend the "cat".
Kristen cannot say enough great
things about this amazing little man.
He is a super quick learner, is
already stacking and watching her
every move. Dally is proving how
versatile our lines are. With no real
practice, Dally headed out to help
with the Steers! Both Heith and
Kristen were amazed by Dally's
natural, spot on instincts and his
confidence.. I am  so grateful to have
this amazing home where Dally
really can "do it all"!!  I am so
honored that Kristen with all her
knowledge and experience chose
from our lines, watch this young
man, as he and Kristen are going to
make history! (pictures on right)
"Brewster" (alt btm) pictured with his adoring
and beautiful Aussie brother, Sonny. (on left)
Jenn and family report that Brewster is the
perfect addition and he just loves having a
big brother and he is fitting in perfect and
spoiled rotten! New pics coming soon!
Brewster on right, what a gorgeous boy,
below on right Brewster and his "brother"
(not actually related) Sunny~
IndigoMoon's Angel In Your Arms; (alt btf) "Reba"
IndigoMoon's Best Kept Secret. "Raffi". Named
after the Archangel Raphael. A huge thanks to
Anna and family for all the love, patience, training
and care they have given Reba. Now they get to
start all over  with her new brother, Raffi on left.
Raffi is from our "Something To Talk About" litter.
We are SO blessed to have TWO of our beloved
pups in this amazing, caring home.
**News flash**
Grace,  (intact BTW) owned by Thiago and Roseli,
completed her puppy championship in the
Brazilian Pastoral group at barely 5 months of age!
She accomplished this amazing feat in ONE
weekend of showing. Grace has a professional
handler and trainer. We are so excited for Grace as
she continues her successful career! (pictured on
right) New pictures coming soon.
New photos taken on 11/15~ Ateyo, (alt btm) on right.
Pictured with his "brother", Hobbs (alt bmm), on below.  
Brenda, Saul and Hobbs made the long journey from NM
to meet Ateyo. Pictured below with his newest "brother",
Dallas a funny, friendly Maltese mix that has found the
perfect protector in his adored Ateyo. What a beautiful
family! Pictured below
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