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Copper Oak's Luck Of The Draw, "Lucky" 5/2003-12/2013 Rest in peace click here for
our tribute to our "best boy".

Lucky came to us at 8 weeks in July 2003. He is the "best" Aussie I have ever had the
pleasuring of knowing and loving. He is smart, versatile, and keeps all of our "kids" in line.
Lucky is 72 pounds, and still prefers to sit in my lap! Due to some hereditary issues, we
decided not to breed him, and instead he has become our "lap" dog! His pedigree is totally
unrelated to any of our breeding stock.
Lucky sleeps in the kitchen, where we have a permanent gate up to keep our doggies from
entering the rest of the house without invitation. Lucky man's the gate like a "wall mart
greeter", and welcomes visitors and guards the puppies. When my 15 yr old nephew came to
visit in summer (2008);  Tommy was tall enough to simply step ~OVER~ the gate; this was
considered a SERIOUS VIOLATION of law and order and Lucky would bark and notify me
each and every time Tommy did this! I have never laughed so hard in my life!
I truly cannot imagine life without my best "boy" Lucky. He is the official babysitter, and any
puppies whelped, bought, borrowed or visiting Lucky keeps tabs on. In the summer of 2007,  
when Sonny's kids were about 6 weeks old, Lucky would NOT stop whining. He pestered me
until I finally followed him out to the dog room.. I could NOT believe it; the puppy doggy door
had accidentally been left open, and he KNEW "his" pups were not allowed outside alone,
after dark, too many flying predators.
Lucky is our official camping dog. My son Billy and I often fish, camp and spend summer
days at a nearby creek and pond that is very isolated. Lucky ALWAYS accompanies us, and
he stays by my side, and alerts me when other people get too close. He loves to go "boating"
but prefers to stay in the shallow water, well, that is until I get "too far", and then he makes
his way out to me, trying to grab hold of my life vest, bathing suit, heck even an arm or leg
will do!! He does not like me swimming out too far and has popped more rafts than I can
count lol!
Lucky has the temperament and attitude that made me fall in love with this breed. He is
everything an Aussie should be and then some! He also worries over my 6 yr old grandson,
and keeps close tabs on him in and out of the water. I am simply "not allowed" to ride any of
the towable water toys when Lucky is on board, he will man a position on the back of the
boat, barking, howling and scolding me! While he is just a bit overprotective, he is an
amazing dog, and I am so blessed to have him!
As Lucky ages, he does have some difficulty in keeping up on walks, and his exercise has to
be limited. He is our pack "balancer", keeps the peace, and is quite a tattletale. He and
Sonny got a "lion" or "puppy" trim and he is so proud and so much cooler! Lucky follows me
as much as I allow, and will lay at my feet while I cook or fold laundry. He is a "mamma's"
boy, and spends every minute he can glued to my side. Lucky is my protector, and will
literally push me out of the way if he perceives ANY danger. He is so smart and has perfect
manners. He is trusted to have full run of the house and has been the easiest puppy I have
ever raised.
New pictures below taken on 6/14/12~
Lucky just turned 9. He is so proud of his new
"look" and as you can tell, Lucky is ALWAYS
smiling! He has been patiently waiting for his
birthday party. We had to postpone due to our girls
being in heat, but the cupcakes are ready, and we
will "party" this weekend!
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