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Dr. Christie Cotton
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upcoming litters or sires
AKC CH Mirah X AKC CH Earnhardt. This is a repeat breeding to our
very successful, "Precious Metals litter"
IndigoMoon proudly presents; "The Star Collections" Litter~
7 girls, 6 black tri's, 1 red tri. We have 1 show prospect available. As
always we give thanks to God for this litter of beautiful, healthy girls
and a very happy and healthy momma-Mirah~ Just a little interesting
story; we chose this litter theme weeks ago, of course we never know
the genders what ration. It so happens that there is a constellation in
Pleiades, called the "7 sisters"! My friend called to tell me about this,
how interesting. Pictured in order of birth. New pictures taken on 1/28
"Diesel" (Nashira)Making
herself at home! (BTB)a star,
means "she who brings good
news".  Pictured on right,
Shirley, Diesel and Christie.
New photos coming soon.
Diesel will be is Arkansas,
owned by Shirley and will be
a service dog. We are so
thrilled and blessed.
(Talitha)- "Tilly" 5/15 NEW CKC CHAMPION! (BTB) a
star, means, daughter that has risen or arisen and
also found in the bible. Pictured with her new
family.  Pronounced- TAH-lith-a. Pictured above in
the snow. Check wins for more pics and updates!
We are so honored to have our beauty in Canada to
compete in CKC! Now owned and loved by Don,
Marva and the "Poms"Visit their site
"Lady" (Ascella)-
(BTB)  Means the third
brightest star in it's
constellation. Lady is
doing wonderful and
was the best
Christmas present
ever for her "daddy".
Pictured below with
her new dads daughter
and granddaughter
and working the farm!
"Piper" (Vega)- (BTB) a star
and the 4th brightest star.  
Pictured below. Owned and
spoiled rotten by Corinne and
family in  Baton Rouge LA.
*Show quality* See the
AMAZING tricks Corrine has
taught this amazing girl
"Eleanore", (Syrma)
pictured with her
housemates, Bandit in back
and puppy Mamie in front.
Mamie is a Rico daughter,
so she and Eleanore are
actually related. Doing
wonderful with Rose and
family, humans and fur
both. Pictured on left.
Updated 5/8
*Chara* BTF, has found her forever home! She is now residing
with Randy and Gayla in Eastern Arkansas and will be the perfect
addition to her future "husband", Maximus (Sonny son). They live
on a huge farm, and we feel so very lucky and happy to have our
fun loving girl in the perfect home! While Chara is not flashy in
trim, she is on the money structure and movement~ Chara is
super outgoing, independent and just full of personality! Maximus
is a stunning red tri dog that lives the life of a king. Chara will
make the perfect "queen" to rule beside him. Watch for updates
and new pictures. Current photos below taken here on 4/6~
Pictured below and above, Maximus (red tri) pictured below, he is
a Sonny "son".
We are so very blessed to have
Salem RTF (Electra) now owned
and loved by my close friend and
neighbor's daughter, Lauren. We
will enjoy getting to visit with her
and know she has found her
perfect forever home!
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